To me, photojournalism is not always about making the subject "look good," but rather about making you get a good look at the subject.
Few things have been as humbling but also as rewarding as chasing after genuine photographs. Over time, the grip of my Nikon D800 has worn down to its aluminum frame. The more that wears away, the more I come to understand that there is no “camera.” The person carrying the device is more of a camera than the camera will ever be, as we are each the core operating instrument of our own work.

Photographer & Adobe CC Specialist [+A/V]

1. Empty your cup: Excise ego, prejudices, and expectations to see the whole story. 
2. Look for patterns: Seek connections, consequences, and historical antecedents. 
3. Be a field ghost: The behavior of people changes under observation. 
4. Prove me wrong: Be receptive to good criticism based on intent and objective. 
5. Be authentic: The worst told truth is better than the best told lie. 
6. Resist staging: Get ahead of a moment to catch it, not behind it to push it. 
7. Two is one; one is none: Use materials unorthodoxly to encourage creativity. 
8. Scale and scope: Every one thing is measured in terms of some other thing. 
9. All for one; one for all: Support the crew but be steadfast when alone.
But most of all, remember that it’s not the hardware—it’s how hard you wear, so:
10. There is no "camera."
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