A blue jay looks over the fresh winter snow for signs of food.
Swimmers launching from the diving boards.
An artist finishes a mural by the glow of a projector's bulb. (HDR rendition)
A learning center, a continuing student, and her teacher.
A player takes off into the air from the three point line to make a successful shot.
A community dodgeball game; a momentary return to childhood.
Under the canopy of the greenhouse, an orchid comes into full bloom.
Crossing train-tracks in White House Station, NJ.
A memorial run.
Nevius Street Bridge with a clean sheet of snow; not a single footprint.
A special tracking drone is deployed to monitor at-risk individuals under "Project Lifesaver."
A competitor passes the finish line.
Cyclists speed through the checkpoint.
Students get a close-up look at a reptile show at their school.
One girl steps to the front of an all boys lineup.
An outdoor arts project.
2017 partial solar eclipse.
A Memorial Day motorcycle run crosses a small town bridge.
A street vendor preparing crafts.
Vendors and customers--a street fair.
A planning session reaches a moment of agreement.
An artisan passes time organizing her pottery for a street sale.
Along the road of a street fair, the hum of grinding skateboard wheels.
Youths on a carnival roller coaster, illuminated by the chrome panel.
A master gardener extends a handful of leaves with tiny life on board.
A chef walks visitors through his homemade macaroni recipe.
A young man wills you to see his draw.
An older Marine tows his bulldog through the streets during a parade.
Adorned with her medal, a track runner eyes the lines.
A mother and daughter embrace--almost suspended by the evening light.
Late into the night, the blur of a player's hand.
A new ring and hands over heart.
Evening light illuminates the worn steel dashboard.
A hood ornament leans into the sky during a classic car show.
Judges look on, mid-back-flip.
Shadows envelop face and hair, chin and cheek, to express a dynamic portrait.
The public pool during a heatwave.
A new bride stands beside the window of her childhood church.
A Diwali celebration, the festival of lights, being acted out.
Entranced by the approaching bagpipes, a boy inches into view.
HDR rendition of a statue.
An athlete lets loose a javelin.
Blue Ridge Mountain skyline in August.
Beside an office portrait.
Beside an office portrait.
An intimate moment shared between an older mother and her daughter.
Color Run packets explode at a school fundraiser.
A crowd of thousands is illuminated by the lithium in the exploding firework.
A dancer performs a Tibetan piece.
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